The Last Will of Raja Anand Chand of Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh)

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I, ANANDCHAND son of late Raja Sir Bijaichand, Raja of Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) residing at "Gopal-Niwas", Diara Janta Sector, Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh), HEREBY REVOKE all my former wills and codicils AND DECLARE this to be my last Will.

  1. I OBTAINED a Perpetual Lease from the Government of India in respect of land measuring approximately 5 (Five) acres situate in Diara Janta Sector, New Bilaspur Township, Bilaspur District, Himachal Pradesh on the 27th Day of February, 1964. In the Lease, the President of India, the Lessor, has granted to me Plots bearing Nos. 41 to 45G, 72 to 79 and Reserved area in between, situated in Sector No. 1, in the Bilaspur Township. Out of this total area, I have already through the Memorandum of Settlement made on the twentyfifth day of October, Nineteen hundred and sixty-eight (1968), between myself and my younger daughter Rajkumari Rajeshwari, Provided land measuring roughly 7,400 square yards and more especially shown as Plots Nos. 72 to 79 in the layout Plan of the New Bilaspur Township and fully described as such in the blueprint of the sketchplan appended to the Memorandum of Settlement above referred to, to my aforementioned younger daughter Rajkumari Rajeshwari over which she constructed her residence and occupied the aforesaid building as such. NOW IN THE BALANCE LAND I have from my self acquired funds, built a House with Shri Gopal Ji's Temple therein and named it "Gopal Niwas" and have also built sheds etc., appertenant thereto and I am the absolute owner of all rights title and interest therein and the Lease and the buildings are in my name alone. I HEREBY BEQUEATH this land alongwith all buildings standing thereupon and all my rights, title and interest therein to my minor son GOPAL CHAND (born on […] nineteen hundred and sixtynine) out of my wedlock with my second wife, Rani Sudarshan Kumari Chand,(whom I married on third February nine hundred and sixtynine after the death of my first wife Rani Umawati Ji, [who] died on 12/13th March, 1961,) ABSOLUTELY [AND] FOR EVER.
  2. I HEREBY ALSO BEQUEATH all my other properties, moveable or immovable, to which I am solely and exclusively entitled to my wife Rani Sudarshan Kumari Chand and our minor daughter SUNANDA CHAND bon on […] Nineteen hundred and Sevety three, IN EQUAL SHARES.
  3. I APPOINT my wife Rani Sudarshan Kumari Chand aforesaid to be the guardian of my minor son Gopal Chand and my minor daughter Sunanda Chand.
  4. I HEREBY APPOINT my wife Rani Sudarshan Kumari Chand aforesaid to be Executor of this Will. I also direct my Executor to pay the Estate Duty and other dues in the first instance out of the cash available at the time of my death. Should there still remain any outstanding payments then she shall defray them by disposing of such other of my properties but ALWAYS BARRING THE LAND AND BUILDINGS MENTIONED IN CLAUSE 1 OF THIS WILL (i.e. "Gopal-Niwas" and other sheds and buildings appertenant thereto) [WHICH SHALL] NOT BE PARTITIONED OR DISPOSED OF IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER, as she may think fit and proper in her discretion. The legacies shall be distributed only after all my debts, taxes and other dues are first paid off by the Executor.
  5. I have already made during my lifetime adequate and appropriate settlement of properties for the benefit of my children born out of my first wife name Rani Umawati Ji ( who died on 12/13th March, 1961.)
  6. I MAKE this Will out of my free will, not under and undue influence or coercion and in a proper state of mind. I have done so to make appropriate provision for my second wife, Rani Sudarshan Kumari Chand, my minor son Gopal Chand and my minor daughter Sunanda Chand
  7. I FURTHER direct that on my demise my mortal remains be cremated at the Township of Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh by the banks of the River Sutlej and all connected ceremonies be performed by my son Gopal Chand.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I the said Anandchand, Raja of Bilaspur put my signature to this Will on the Seventh day of June Nineteen hundred and Seventyfive at Flat No. 101-C, Vithalbhai Patel House, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-1100-01.

Signed by the abovenamed
Anandchand, Raja of Bilaspur. (TESTATOR)
in our presence at the same time and each of one us in the presence of the Testator, signed hereunder as attesting witnesses:


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